FORS Environmental Education package with Igingilanyi Primary School!

Due to global financial downturn Friends of Ruaha Society (FORS) team decided not to stay in the office doing nothing rather work with some primary schools which are near our office. After having welcomed meeting with District Education officer, Ward Education officer, Head teacher, teachers and few representative students from Igingilanyi primary school, FORS has started to work with this primary school which is near by Iringa  town.


FORS team visited the school and we have identified some Environmental risk within their area which are deforestation particularly cutting down of indigenous trees, soil erosion, un proper disposal of wastes and wild fire.

Head teacher from Igingilanyi primary school Mr.Benard Ngoitanile revealed that: ‘‘Some of Teachers and kids / learners like environment in general, they have tried to greening our school by growing different tree species and flowers but things didn’t work out due to lack of support and critical innovative from experts like you and the problem of shortage of water in our school. In early 80’s we received good support from one big organization known as Concern who provided some of these big trees you can see now but since then no other external support. So I would like to promise you that we will love to work together with you. ’’ img_1668.JPG

Apart from film shows, we are planning to initiate some of the outside projects like greening the school compound, proper waste management (how to handle degradable and non degradable wastes) and Sanitation before we introduce to teachers to start teaching Environmental issues in the class.

We hope this won’t cost us much while we are still struggling to get funds and donations to continue support our Environmental Education program with schools and communities surrounding Ruaha National Park.

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