Friends of Ruaha bringing conservation education closer to home!

Since we are going through a sticky patch funding-wise, but since we don’t want to sit around in the office doing nothing, we have decided that we will engage in almost zero-cost work in schools which are near enough to our office to mean that we don’t have to use any diesel to get there! Of course it is good to be working out in the villages which border on Ruaha National Park, and we consider that it is vitally important for children brought up in those villages to be aware of conservation issues, to understand about the wildlife which co-exists with them. But this concentration on those village near the park also means that those nearer town miss out – there are various funds for environmental education for schools and communities near to national parks, but not necessarily for those who have no particularly remarkable natural resources close by.

Friends of Ruaha have a projector and a wide selection of conservation and wildlife films which we could show in the schools and the communities, in much the way that we have done in Idodi and Pawaga. We have already contacted the District Education Officer who is enthusiastic and recommended three schools near to town where we could start work. The films will provide an opportunity for us to see how interested the schools and the teachers are in environmental issues, and if they show a particular interest, then we will see whether we could start up environmental clubs at the schools. Again, there are low/zero cost activities which we could do, to stimulate some interest in children who may have never had any opportunity to consider the environment they live in and the marvelous wildlife their own country is full of! We will keep you up to date as we make a start on the work!

In the meantime, we are continuing to search for funding. Please do give a donation to us, so that we can carry on with our work in our original villages and perhaps keep on visiting the nearer schools too.

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