Monthly Archives: August 2009

Fire in boarding house ends in tragedy (Idodi Secondary School, on the road to Ruaha National Park)

On Saturday night a student in the girls boarding block at Idodi Secondary School decided she would continue studying after the school generator had been switched off.  She lit a candle and began to read through her notes.  But it had been a long day, and she soon nodded off.  The candle, left to its […]


It was amazing and surprisingly since I started my trips to Pawaga Division which is near by Ruaha National Park in April 2009. Along the road which is passing through MBOMIPA (Matumizi Bora ya Malihai Idodi na Pawaga – Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Idodi and Pawaga) Wildlife Management Area (WMA) I saw Giraffes. […]

Ruaha National Park is in Danger

As many of you know the Great Ruaha River (GRR) which is the Heart of Ruaha National park (RNP) was in a drastic state, it was completely dry from October 2008 right through to mid March 2009. That is five and a half months which is the longest dry period ever recorded. It is true that generally, the […]