This year from 5th to 10th April I was among nine participants from SADC countries who had the chance to attend a workshop in South Africa on developing the learning support materials for environmental education (EE) and education for sustainable development (ESD). All the participants work in different environmental sectors so they had great working experience and expertise.  We made presentations on the different resource materials we are using in our own environment. Some of the resource materials presented support learners in learning in their classes or in communities, and other materials guide educators during teaching activities. The workshop was inspiring and educational because we had time to learn from each other through discussion and sharing of our experiences on the resource developing process. Apart from participants’ expertise and experiences, we had a wonderful presentation from the facilitators and the experts from Rhodes University.

The workshop came at right time as FORS is planning to update many of its EE resources, including the teacher’s manual and teaching aid materials that will be distributed at upcoming training workshops. It was good for me to participate in this workshop as I have gained a lot of knowledge on what kind of resource materials my other colleagues are using in different countries in the SADC region. I am excited to use these good approaches to come up with more quality EE resources for FORS. Beside that, I have been able to identify and learn different gaps in EE that may prevent the delivery of knowledge to certain target groups, something which will help to improve my work and better serve all FORS stakeholders; students, teachers, and villagers.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all people who work in environmental conservation and those that help build there capacity . Thank you FORS for giving me the chance to attend the course, SADC REEP for organizing this marvelous training, and all donors who supported this program.   lsm-workshop-5-8-april-09-057.jpg

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